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"One Point of Call"


Printworks specializes in servicing retail and franchise based businesses. Through research and experience we have developed sound and proven methods of enhanced communication through various mediums of product delivery. Print is the cornerstone of our business. But, over the years we have transitioned our business to provide a "one point of call" program. This program facilitates our clients in business by helping them to reach their marketing, advertising and merchandising goals.

"Helping them to reach their
advertising and
merchandising goals."

Print/ Bindery

Printworks currently produces print campaigns that range in run length from 10 thousand up to 80 million pieces monthly. We accommodate version changes and price point options both efficiently and cost effectively. Our production facility, located in Edmonton, AB services Eastern and Western Canada and US distributions. Whether you are a Canadian or US company with extending branches from coast to coast, we are uniquely located to service your needs. Printworks prides itself in commitment to quality. To achieve your high expectations and our high standards, we use a variety of analytics to review our processes and procedures', ensuring the level of quality is maintained. Combined with our on-going personnel training programs, we are able to provide reliable, consistent quality time after time. Innovative configurations of our press and bindery equipment enable Printworks to offer a broad spectrum of products. Our presses are equipped to deliver a wide range of in-line finishes, saving time and costs. Specialty products such as returnvelopes, spine paste catalogs and coupon books, are also in-line finished using a variety of adhesives. Paper options range from standard news to hi-end coated sheets, with numerous weights up to and including 10pt card stock. Additives such as perfing, die-cutting, and sheeting are all possible. Our bindery provides folding, stitching, tabbing and ink jetting options to finish your product. Plastic gift cards, credit cards or savings cards can be fugitive glued to a direct mail piece, inserted into an envelope, addressed and mailed. Numerous finishing methods are available for the advertiser to deliver a message.

Direct Marketing and Mail Service

We are ranked by Canada Post as one of the largest mail service providers in Western Canada for direct mail and overall volume. Whether your goal is to prospect new customers or talk direct to existing customers, Printworks has a service option for you. Prospect new customers with unaddressed mail. If you are interested in a certain target group or area, Printworks provides comprehensive demographic and geographic analytics. Our on-line tools assist in preparing accurate data to penetrate your target market on a local, national, or international level. We determine efficiencies and provide such options as downstream induction to protect required release dates. As well we can also reduce your Canada Post mailing costs. Reaching your prospects is achieved efficiently and cost effectively. Continue direct personalized communication with existing customers through addressed mail. We offer an extensive line of services, including data analysis, address standardization and correction, as well as selective record filtering and merging and perging of data files. State of the art technology provides flexibility and quality in address and variable image message application.

Display Graphics

Various products produced on a variety sub-straights are available to you. In-store signage, such as window banners, static clings, adhesives and back-lites area sampling of promotional items created. As your current print supplier we are uniquely positioned to provide cost effective packaging and concurrent distribution. Combining print and display graphic products saves time and money in shipping costs and franchise deliveries. Consistency in corporate branding and campaign imaging is crucial to marketing success. Branding guidelines are established and executed throughout the production of print campaigns and display graphics.


Printworks has the experience and expertise to accurately manage the most complex distribution requirements. We have developed strategic alliances and partnerships that allow for a wide range of distribution options. Due to our large volume of distributed product and our ability to warehouse, our freight partnerships allow for cost effective rates. We distribute to over 1000 North American locations every month. With well established freight lanes and real time satellite tracking we can deliver product in a timely manner.

On-Line Ordering/Warehouse Management

An on-line ordering site is an effective way to mainstream information and save time. Labor intensive billing can be streamlined and minimized with 3rd party customized reporting on purchases of printed products, point of sale material, and other promotional items. As a form of advertising, ordering, or encouraging franchisees to participate in programs, this site can be custom tailored to provide you a portal to your stores. Reduce costs by purchasing bulk for all your promotional items. Take advantage of our warehouse facility; consolidate all of your products, implement on-line ordering and leverage shipping costs to all your locations. This custom tailored site can be a simple link from your existing site that provides a seamless transfer to a user friendly on-line ordering system. We prepare the orders and reports, you control the site.


Our press and display graphic equipment is manufactured for low emission output. All ink is delivered in reusable tanks and post manufacturing paper waste is recycled. Chemicals used are collected for safe disposal and thermal catalytic afterburners destroy 96.8% of airborne solvents, varnishes and ink particles. Our "Printworks Green Team" a committee chaired by the president, meets bi-monthly to review and implement internal "green" initiatives. This allows everyone at Printworks to become personally involved and take ownership in contributing to the health of our environment